Educational Psychology Tuition In Noida

Educational Psychology Tuition In Noida

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Objectives: The students will be able to

• Understand the relevance of psychological perspective of education.
• Get acquainted with the process of assessment of personality.
• Understand the dynamics of intelligence and learning.
• Apply the learning principles in classroom situations.

Unit I: Psychological perspective of education

• Nature, Meaning and scope of Educational Psychology.
• Concept, principles, sequential stages of development with special reference to
Adolescence, factors influencing development and their relative roles, general
• Problems of Indian Adolescent including Delinquency: theories and remedial steps.

Unit II: Relevance of Psychological Principles to Pedagogical Interventions

• Concept and nature of personality.
• Role of heredity and environment in the development of Personality.
• Theories of Personality with special references to developmental and factor-analytical
• Assessment of Personality: subjective, objective, and projective methods.
• Personality Inventories.


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